6 Tips To Avoid Failure In Cat Throwing Up

Cat 6 kinds of vomiting situation, analysis and treatment, pet owners do not panic!
In the process of raising cats, it is inevitable to encounter the symptoms of vomiting, which is one of the most common symptoms of cats. Then pet owners do not need to panic when they encounter this situation! The following is the analysis and treatment of 6 cases of vomiting in cats!
Pathological vomiting.

Situation1, vomiting cat food

Symptoms: Undigested cat food and meat pieces are visible to the naked eye
Reason: Eating too fast or too much, eating too fast or too much, no transition period for changing food, inappropriate cat food (containing allergens), indigestion
There is also a possibility that the cat has a very good appetite and has been eating quickly and constantly, which can easily cause the cat to vomit. In this case the cat's vomit is still distinctly granular.
Solution: Use less food and more meals, use the "7-day food change method", feed probiotics to relieve, change the appropriate cat food, observe the cat's symptoms, frequent vomiting, loss of appetite, symptoms, promptly sent to the doctor.
Cats have a fragile stomach, so it is best to choose a cat food with probiotics and follow the 7-day rule of food change when changing food. In order to give cats a healthy body, owners should pay more attention to their cats' diet and never give them poor quality cat food.
Choose a suitable cat slow feeder to relief the vomit. 
The Fatcatjoy best cat slow feeder will be  a good choice.Its a ceramic material and elevated large heaved plate design.

Situation 2, vomiting blood, blood

Symptoms: the vomit is a pool of blood or with blood
Cause: Sharp objects cut the intestine or esophagus, acid burns the esophagus, gastritis
Solution: Take the cat to the doctor immediately and have it examined.

cat throwing up

Situation 3, vomiting foreign body

Symptoms: Vomit is rubber bands, threads, plastic bags, colloids, etc.
Reason: Cat has omnivorous fetish, accidentally eaten
Solution: Cats with xenophagia may be caused by a lack of trace elements, psychological factors and environmental factors, and the pet owner has to care more for the cat.
To take the cat to the doctor as soon as possible to check whether there is still a foreign body in the body, may need to carry out surgery to remove the foreign body.
cat throwing up

Situation 4, vomiting parasites

Symptoms: The naked eye can see worms in the vomit
Cause: Infected with internal parasites
Solution: Take the cat to the doctor in time, deworm the cat regularly and keep several deworming medications on hand!
cat throwing up

Situation 5, vomiting stomach fluid, yellow water

Symptoms: Vomiting yellow water with foam, gastric juice
Cause: Long-term failure to eat, resulting in excessive stomach acid, vomiting in an empty stomach
Solution: Observe the cat for loss of appetite, frequent vomiting and depression, and seek medical attention promptly.
cat throwing up

Situation 6, vomiting hair ball

Symptoms: The vomit is a hair ball, shaped like cat poop
Cause: Hairball accumulation, hairball syndrome
Solution: Feed the cat with hair paste or cat grass in time to prevent hairballs, and regularly discharge hairballs on a daily basis.
It is best to keep the following drugs on hand for families with cats in case of the above situation!
① Anti-diarrheal, anti-vomiting drugs: diarrhea, vomiting very serious cats, appropriate feeding some drugs to relieve, but it is best to follow the instructions of the pet doctor.
② Probiotics: cats with indigestion, gastrointestinal discomfort, intestinal flora disorders caused by diarrhea, vomiting and soft stool symptoms are applicable, and can also play a role in regulating the gastrointestinal tract.
③ Deworming medicine: Cat-owning families should always have some internal and external deworming medicine, and it is best to choose some deworming medicine for different ranges.
cat throwing up
When a cat shows symptoms of vomiting, what should I do before call the Vet if My Cat Throws Up?
1. Record the frequency of vomiting in cats
2. Record the sound made by the cat when vomiting (you can record video to keep)
3, Record the cat's vomit (can be photographed to facilitate veterinary diagnosis)
If your cat encountered these situations?
cat throwing up

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