• CAT BREED Feature List

    CAT BREED Feature List
    Here we list ten of the most common purebred cat breeds that are normally found in our lives. You can fast reach to the article details from this list. American Shorthair Feat Ragdoll Cat Features Scottish Fold Features Siamese Features Sphynx Cat Features  Devon Rex Features   Abyssinian Cat Features Persian Cats Features Exotic (Garfield) Features British Shorthair Features  
  • Abyssinian Cat Features

    Abyssinian Cat Features
    History The Abyssinian cat is one of the oldest breeds of domestic cats. Legend has it that Abyssinian cats are descended from ancient Egyptian gods and cats, as they resemble the cats in ancient Egyptian wall paintings and artefacts. But recent research suggests that the Abyssinian cat's ancestors may have come from Bengal. Physiological characteristics Abyssinian cats are short-haired, medium-sized, muscular cats. Male cats can weigh up to 3.5-4.5 kg and females up to 2.7-3.2 kg. The body is slender and has long, slender legs. The Abyssinian cat's ears are large and arched forward, sometimes in...
  • Devon Rex Features

    Devon Rex Features
    History The Devon Rex came from England. in the 1960s, a tortoiseshell and white striped stray was adopted by Beryl Cox, who gave birth to a litter of kittens, one of which was a male with dark brown curly hair. miss Cox kept the cat and named it Kirlee. miss Cox thought Kirlee was a Cornish Curl and wrote to Brian Sterling-Webb, a cat breeding specialist. However, the test results showed that Kirlee's curly hair gene was completely different from that of the Cornesian curly hair cat. The expression of the gene also showed many differences, for...
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