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The Devon Rex came from England. in the 1960s, a tortoiseshell and white striped stray was adopted by Beryl Cox, who gave birth to a litter of kittens, one of which was a male with dark brown curly hair. miss Cox kept the cat and named it Kirlee. miss Cox thought Kirlee was a Cornish Curl and wrote to Brian Sterling-Webb, a cat breeding specialist. However, the test results showed that Kirlee's curly hair gene was completely different from that of the Cornesian curly hair cat. The expression of the gene also showed many differences, for example, the Cornishman's whiskers were curved, while Kirlee's were short and thick; Kirlee's curly coat was dense but not wavy like the Cornishman's. The breeders then began to cultivate this new breed and named it the Devon Rex. The ancestor of all the Devon Rexe is the Kirlee.


Physiological characteristics

The Devon Rex is a medium-sized cat, weighing about 3-4 kg. Their short curly coat varies in shape from cat to cat, with some cats having thick hair like a messy mop, others having less hair like a goatskin, and some even having bald patches. Whiskers and eyelashes are also short and wrinkled. Their fur does not insulate as well as other breeds, so they can be very warm to cuddle.

The Devon Rex has very large ears and eyes, an elf-like appearance, a long, thin neck and a very oddly shaped head. The E.T. is said to have been designed after the Devon Rex.

As the whiskers of the Devon Rex are often broken, they have difficulty judging their position and direction very accurately in the dark. In addition, they have almost only an undercoat of fleece and no guard hairs, making them difficult to keep warm and therefore only suitable for domestic use.

Personality traits

The Devon Rex has a quirky appearance and personality. They are intelligent, mischievous and very active. They love to play and are good at jumping. They are likely to be found in any place you would not expect. They are very clingy and love to be on people's laps. They are quiet and can also live in harmony with small children and other pets.

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