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The Abyssinian cat is one of the oldest breeds of domestic cats. Legend has it that Abyssinian cats are descended from ancient Egyptian gods and cats, as they resemble the cats in ancient Egyptian wall paintings and artefacts. But recent research suggests that the Abyssinian cat's ancestors may have come from Bengal.

Physiological characteristics

Abyssinian cats are short-haired, medium-sized, muscular cats. Male cats can weigh up to 3.5-4.5 kg and females up to 2.7-3.2 kg. The body is slender and has long, slender legs.

The Abyssinian cat's ears are large and arched forward, sometimes in a tangle like an African wildcat. The head is small and slightly wedge-shaped. Their large eyes are almond-shaped and look like they have a black eyeliner. The muzzle is naturally set into the overall contours of the face, neither protruding nor retracting. This gives them a very elegant and graceful appearance.

The Abyssinian cat's coat has a gradation of colours similar to that of a spiny mouse, with each coat having 4-6 shades of colour, known as the "spiny mouse pattern" (for more information on the spiny mouse pattern, please see the "Complete list of cat coat colours"). The fur is very flexible and clings to the body, and when stroked in the opposite direction, it immediately returns to its original position. There is a dark line running down the back to the tail.

The coat colours are red, chocolate, bay, blue, light purple and light fawn. There is also a silvery breed with an icy coat near the skin that changes colour towards the tips.

Personality traits

The Abyssinian cat is loyal, friendly, very intelligent and enjoys interacting with its owner and its surroundings. They will explore all places, but rarely knock over anything. They have a keen interest in what is around them. Not considered to be a cat that loves to be on people's laps, mainly because they are always energetic and curious. Abyssinian cats will sometimes lie on their owner's lap, but will instantly become energetic and quirky like children. They enjoy the company of humans of all ages, love to play and will want to bring their owners into their activities. They do not like to be left alone.

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