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The American Shorthair was recognised in 1906. They were initially named the "Domestic Shorthair". They came to the North American continent on the Mayflower ship with the European settlers to catch mice in the ship's hold and were a functional cat that evolved purely from nature. A stable breed has been bred over a long period of time by human breeding preferences.

Physiological characteristics

Male cats weigh approximately 5-7kg and females weigh approximately 3-5.5kg. American Shorthair cats stop growing at 3 or 4 years of age and live for about 15 years. They are not as "solid" as the British Shorthair.

 The eyes are widely spaced, the upper eyelids are shaped like half an almond, the lower eyelids have a semi-circular curve and the eyes are not as round as the exotic Shorthair (Garfield, see below) and are slightly upturned. The muzzle is short and has a strong chin, so the face is a little square in shape. The ears are medium sized with rounded tips and the tips of the ears are about twice as far apart as the distance between the eyes.

The coat of the American Shorthair is relatively hard. The most classic colours are silver tiger stripes and brown tiger stripes.

Personality traits

American Shorthair cats are naturally good-natured, easy-going and popular in the home. They are tolerant of small children and can be very calm and collected. Female cats tend to be more active than male cats, while males tend to be more easy-going. Overall, they are very intelligent and interested in everything around them. Many American Shorthair cats will hunt for insects that invade the home. They also like to watch birds and other live animals from the windowsill. They love people's company, but also need their own space. Some American Shorthairs prefer to lie on people's laps, while others prefer to curl up near people.

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