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Persian cats are named after the country in which they originated - Persia - but there is also archaeological research that pushes the historical origins of this breed of cat back to over 1600 BC. Persian cats were the first breed to appear at cat shows. The Persian cat has been one of man's favourite cat breeds for as long as records have been kept. Queen Victoria, who started the Victorian era, is said to have had two blue-eyed Persian cats. The size and personality of Persian cats define their regal temperament.

Physiological characteristics

Persian cats are a medium to large cat breed. They have a short square body, short legs, a very round head and a stubby tail. The eyes are large and round, like copper coins. The ears are small, round and pointed, and positioned low. The nose is short and pointed skywards, with a distinct depression between the nose and forehead.

The Persian cat's coat is long, up to 15cm long, and looks glorious. The head is surrounded by a thick ring of neck fur, the neck is thick and short, the fur touches the ground like running water along the body, and the tail is like a thick feather duster.

The Persian cat's coat tangles easily and requires daily grooming. They are also prone to tears and require daily scrubbing.

Personality traits

Sweet and gentle, Persian cats like a stable environment and like to be treated gently. They are non-moving, non-playful and quiet, relying mainly on their large eyes to communicate. They do not need too much human attention, can be left alone in the home and are relatively timid.

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“Just watching my cats can make me happy.” – Paula Cole.

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