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Ragdoll cats were first bred by Ann Baker in the 1960s. The ancestors of the Ragdoll cat were almost exclusively strays. Ann mated one of her adopted white long-haired females with her other adopted cats, and the offspring of this female had an unusually quiet disposition, with some hanging loosely on her arm like ragdolls when she held them. After screening for coat colour and other external features, she invented the Muppet breed.

Physiological characteristics

Ragdoll cats are large, lethargic and have medium length fur. Male cats can weigh up to 7-10kg and female cats up to 4.5-7kg. Male cats can exceed 1 metre in length (including tail). 

The Ragdoll cat has attractive, slightly upward-pointing blue eyes. The head is equilateral and triangular in shape, with medium-sized ears, two ears far apart, pointed and tilted forward. The nose is medium in length. 

The Ragdoll is an accent colour breed (accent colour - the colour of the body is lighter than the colour of the accents (face, legs, tail, ears)) and there are three breeds: accent (colorpoint), bicolor (bicolour) and mitted (gloved-). -only the feet are white on the legs). Each variety is available in seal, blue, chocolate, light purple, bay, light fawn, red, cream and can also have tortoiseshell, bobcat or tiger stripes attached.

Ragdoll cats are considered a relatively late breed, usually as early as 3 years old and as late as 4-5 years old before they can be considered fully developed.

Personality traits

Ragdoll cats are relaxed, happy and act like dolls for children. They are friendly, quiet and seem lazy. They are not very active and do not bark too much. Ragdoll cats are known for their tolerance, they can tolerate being dressed and carried around without resistance. Because of their friendliness and intelligence, they are often compared to dogs.

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“Just watching my cats can make me happy.” – Paula Cole.

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